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SaMPL – Sound and Music Processing Lab

SaMPL is an integrated laboratory for didactics, research and production dedicated to Sound and Music Computing based in Padua, Italy. It is a meeting place of contemporary music and artistic production, education in music and audio technology, basic and applied research results related to this field. Technically, the laboratory offers the summary of the state of the art in Digital Audio Engineering and advanced research in Music Informatics.

In the context of Sound and Music Computing, the city of Padua holds a unique cultural primacy in Italy, by hosting the Centro di Sonologia Computazionale (CSC): the longest running Center of Music Informatics, whose excellence is still worldwide recognized. SaMPL has been established after the CSC within the Conservatory of Padua in collaboration with the Department of Information Engineering - University of Padua, becoming part of a European context of prestigious examples such as the IRCAM - Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Music Technology Group in Barcelona, and the Department of Speech, Music and Hearing of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. At the same time, SaMPL introduces its own specificity by proposing a completely new format: the living lab.

A living lab is a distributed infrastructure for testing new technology and research results in real conditions and in a geographically circumscribed area. Its model is based on the collaboration between institutions, research companies and organizations that involve end users of innovation processes in all their stages. SaMPL is the world's first living lab dedicated to music and musicians.