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Living Lab Music is our format for the presentation of research outputs by SaMPL staff along with products by participants of SaMPL Schools and students of Electronic Music and instrumental courses of the Conservatory of Padua. The Living Lab approach can help focus on paradigms of different cultural ecosystems through a strategy for the innovation of musical practice and reception.

A living lab represents a user-centric research methodology for sensing, prototyping, validating and refining complex solutions in multiple and evolving real life contexts. It brings together interdisciplinary experts to develop, deploy, and test in actual living environments, new technologies and strategies that respond to the changing world.


Living Lab Music 7
June 9, 2017

Living Lab Music 6
October 10, November 13, 2015

Living Lab Music 5 + di_stanze
December 17-18, 2014

Living Lab Music 4
May 31, 2013

Living Lab Music 3 + Visioni del Suono
April 3 - July 18, 2012

SaMPL Shows Off
February 3, 2012

Living Lab Music 2
May 25, 2011

Living Lab Music 1
October 13-18-22, 2010

SaMPL Inauguration
May 20, 2010